I began my career writing science fiction stories, novels and films before widening my brief to explore perception (The Eye: A Natural History), 20th-century radical politics (The Weight of Numbers), the shipping system (Dead Water) and augmented reality (Wolves). A spot of ghost-writing once had me being rescued from a tree by Ben (of Ben & Jerry’s) in the middle of a hurricane. Back home I co-founded and edited Arc magazine, a digital publication about the future, before joining New Scientist magazine as its arts editor. I am mostly to be found in a freezing cold flat on a hill in London, writing reviews for the FT, The Spectator and the Daily Telegraph.

My latest non-fiction is Stalin and the Scientists (Faber, October 2016). The Smoke, my most recent novel, was published by Gollancz in February 2018.

More often than not, my life looks like this.

I’m onTwitter (as @simonings), and on gmail (simonings@…) and my agent Peter Tallack is at The Science Factory.